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The Word According to Gen Z Devo
The guys at Sunday Cool have created a devotional, packed full of Gen-Z lingo, to guide you through unique daily devos. Over 30 days, you'll learn about the reverence, ministry, and application of God's Word! Get yourself a devo and let's get started!!!
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Thy Customizable Templates

Change these designs in any way you want! That means text, ink color, garment color, the list goes on and on! If you want to start the 30-day devotional challenge with your group or just want to customize your relevant Gen-Z designs, check out our NEW templates! Visit our website for more customizable template options:
GZ 2001
GZ 2002
GZ 2005
GZ 2006
GZ 2007
GZ 2008
GZ 2009
GZ 2010