About the Authors

Josh Hooper

Josh Hooper is the content manager for Sunday Cool and twin brother to Carll. He lives with his wife, Lily, in Central Florida, where he was born and raised. His passion is to share the gospel through any means necessary, using the platform God has given him.

Andy Denoon

Andy DeNoon is a content coordinator for Sunday Cool from Whitefish, MT. He currently lives in Mount Dora, Florida with his wife, Kelsey, and two children, Demi and Zola. He considers himself an expert on chicken wings, "The Office" and has a passion for pursuing Jesus.

Carll Hooper

Carll Hooper is an enthusiastic, chicken-nugget loving follower of Jesus who is the official unofficial spokesperson for Sunday Cool. His videos have had millions of views, and are all created to benefit youth ministries across the globe. He is simply the best.

Brock Hooper

Brock Hooper is not only Carll’s “too cool for school” cousin, but he’s also the face of the Gen Z community. He’s known for his supreme ability to translate modern day English into the Gen Z lingo and is suprisingly well versed in theology.